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  • Sascha Edelstein

On the home stretch

Since our last post, more time has passed than originally planned. Which is primarily due to some very work-intensive weeks. Because, as last announced, the completion of our prototype is on our agenda and a witty reader may have already suspected it based on our headline, we have made good progress.

We have been working intensively on the prototype since January

It includes:

8 scenes with 82 hotspots and 21 items, 450 lines of text, 81 different animations of the character including new walking animation.

For comparison: our test version of the Makerfaire had 5 scenes, 5 items, 23 hotspots, 16 animations of the character and not a single line of text.

There are also various background animations, a lot of new puzzles and an intro lasting several minutes. We now have a decent memory menu and lots of options. Including a sound menu, language settings (so far we have German and English texts) and a graphics menu in which background animations and particle effects can be deactivated if desired.

We are currently testing our "easy mode", which will also be part of the prototype. We want to pick up players with not too much point & click adventure experience. If this is activated, items do not have to be combined and also not actively used on a hotspot. It is enough to click on a hotspot, if a required item is already in the inventory, it will be used automatically.

So you see, we have been busy the last few months and there is still a lot to do. We are still missing some sound effects, such as new background music and the voice recording.

And then everything still needs to be tested and bugs fixed.

We will soon check in one place or another to see who might be interested in trying out our prototype. If someone here already feels addressed, he / she is welcome to contact us by email (

For the tests we will initially limit ourselves to a Windows version (64 bit).

We are also considering setting up a Discord channel for the testers.

We will post here again when the prototype is finished and tell you how the test phase went and give an outlook on where it will go from there on.

See you.

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