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SNNTG - The Festival 2018

The second SNNTG festival took place in July 2018. We were already there in the first year and had organized a group exhibition at very short notice at the festival, which takes place on the tram museum site in Wehmingen.

Encouraged by the great atmosphere and the extremely interested visitors, we wanted to be there again in the following year.


This time we were lucky enough to get one of the coveted discarded road wagons to design. It was an old wagon, even by museum standards, full of holes and rust stains, stuffed full of junk. But it was ours now.


Before we could think of artistic design, we first had to get rid of the scrap, flex the outer wall and do a thorough cleaning. At this point, many thanks to our hard-working helpers.



After a few sweaty weeks, the festival (already sold out in advance) was in the starting blocks.

On the formerly perforated track, wooden elements up to 1.50 meters wide were now hanging, which we had attached to the surface with magnets.

The visitors could now sit down in our little shady corner, look at art, be "glittered" by human sounds or simply relax from the hustle and bustle in front of the stages.

Our favorite quote from a visitor: "This is a real art oasis here." Thanks for that.

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