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Call for voice actors

We have two speaking roles available for our demo. This is a slightly larger and a small role (number of characters is in the role description).

If interested in either role, please email us with the following information:


  • Soundfiles with the sample sentences of the corresponding role below.

  • If available a link to already existing works and rehearsals.

  • Your fee expectations.


We are looking forward to the submissions and are already very excited and we will make every effort to respond to you promptly after reviewing the submissions.

For a more detailed impression, you are also welcome to try out our demo on Steam.


Role 1 - Ship AI

Male or female

Screenshot - Journey of AutUmn
Screenshot "The Journey of AutUmn" encyclopedia

Selected as the best qualified AI to command the Patriam's Return mission.

Mission Objective: To ensure the return of the Builders to their home planet.

The ship AI is in command of the mission's entire spacecraft and all the androids within it. After a crash landing, it was loaded into a portable device and must continue the mission with the last remaining android.

The AI has no moral compass, but considers everything justified, which helps to achieve its goal.

In this sense, it is neither good nor evil, but trimmed for efficiency.

The AI lets the player feel its dislike through numerous annoyed or spiteful comments.


The character is mute and only reacts to events and actions through various animations or rudimentary sounds. That's why it's the AI that takes over commenting on actions or describing objects and environments.


It varies between a very analytical tone, for example when describing flora and fauna or reads encyclopedia entrys, and an annoyed and sour tone when it thinks the goal of its mission is in danger.

Likewise, the AI tends to be kind of arrogant and overbearing. After all, it is the AI that was chosen for this important mission.


Example lines:


  • I don't think you can use it to power the capsule.

  • The crash seems to have done more damage to your cognitive abilities than assumed.

  • I have calculated that the probability of a mission failure is 92% if you work independently.

  • The fruits of the patanga shrub are used as a food source primarily by larger insectiods. (Lexicon entry)


Characters (with spaces) in the demo: approx. 22,000

Role 2 - Bullet AI

Male or female

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-11 um 13.54.22.png

The second role is the much smaller (at least in the demo). It is a single dialogue that the Ship AI has with something stuck in a box during the demo.

Later, the player and the AI find out that the crate is an old projectile equipped with an AI. This projectile then becomes another companion for the player.


The projectile in the box did not realize that the planet is now abandoned. However, in the company of the player, it hopes to fulfill its destiny at some point: to detonate. The projectile is a bit of a comic relief character and always makes for a funny quip.


Example lines:


  • Command AI? You look more like a cleaning robot.

  • Don't you dare just lift me up.

  • What is it? I don't want it. Don't point on me with that.

  • What? No, nonsense. I could free myself by force, of course. But then I would destroy it, which would not help my mission.


Characters (with spaces) in the demo: approx. 1.500

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